New-World Censorship.
In order to be free from manipulation by the dominant and highly manipulated international media one has to understand the principles of New-World censorship and how and why it works. Here are the basic principles of public opinion manipulation and control:
1) Media ownership. The same people, or groups of people, buy up media on a continental or international scale. And then, when a person wants to get his/her information from several different sources, it doesn't really matter because all the sources give the same manipulated information. And if the consumer believes that these various sources, owned by the same people, are objective, he believes the manipulated news. And brainwashing and manipulation is a success.
2) Subtle manipulation. This is the most important and the least understood principle of consumer manipulation. In order for the lies and manipulated information to be believed by the consumer, the manipulation has to be very subtle, so subtle that the reader would neither  see nor feel that the medium sides with one or another person/ party. In order to appear objective, the medium will say good and bad things both about politician A and politician B. On surface this brings about an appearance of objectivity, and because of this appearance of objectivity will the medium be believed. The trick is that the medium has to favor one politician (or opinion) over another only in a very subtle way, around 5%. If the favoritism of one viewpoint over another is more than those 5% then it will become obvious and the medium and its lies will lose their effectiveness. In order to be effective the favoritism or opposition to one or another political viewpoint or personality has to remain so subtle as not to be observable by the average information consumer. By more obvious pressure the manipulation of the consumer will lose its effectiveness because the political opinions of the media owners will become obvious.
So in order to protect yourself from large scale and sophisticated media manipulation and censorship, beware of those media who pretend to be objective. Take your time and carefully analyze their "news" to see whom they are really (and very subtly) favoring. In order to reduce this kind of wholesale public opinion manipulation, states and governments have to control the direct or indirect ownership of the media.
The direct ownership forms of media are obvious. The indirect forms of control and ownership of the media are less obvious. For example:
1) giving favorable loans or making other favorable deals with the media owners.
2) Advertising contracts with the medium etc. By observing who advertises in a medium you can also see who is, secretly, from the background, manipulating the medium and putting indirect pressure on the editor to publish news palatable to him, the advertiser.
Apart from the control of the ownership of the medium the states and governments have to control the manipulation of the media through advertising contracts. A possible solution would be the creation of an advertising pool, where the advertiser would not have a control nor say in which medium will his/her advertising appear, and thus could not control nor pressure the medium and its editors. If one wants to advertise one would have to give the advertising contract to a central advertising distribution bureau, which would appropriately distribute it among various media, irrespective of their political views.

That's why on these pages we will try to bring news from various sources, as varied and as independent sources as possible. You decide what to believe.

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